My rod is so hard. Like a steel beam. Like a steel beam wrapped in concrete and dipped in something else that makes things hard. My dick and my nuts, my lower-self, hurts when I look at you. My gaze is like a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens (the metal not plastic bodied one), focused on you and your figure alone.

I take your bra off with a snap of my fingers, you are so impressed, you moan and tell me "I'm impressed" and then you drop to your knees and take every one of my hard, rod-link, 11 full inches deep down your throat. I can feel your heartbeat on your tongue, and your breath on my rug-like lower abdomen.

I make love to your face until I can take no more, so I flip you over, pull your panties to the side and gently, but roughly enter you and spill my hot needy, nerdy, wanton, wet, yellow-ish love inside your velvet entrance. I roll off and over, you roll to your side and try to kiss me, I let you press your lips to my cheek. I roll onto my side.

You get up, dress and wave goodbye from the doorway. I hear the front door close and the dead bolt lock.

I sleep well.